One of the best things about being a personal trainer is the ability to effect such a wide variety of people in a positive way. Every client is important to us and we look forward to building a strong relationship with every individual. The ecstatic feeling when a client has worked long and hard to achieve a fitness goal is priceless! Everyday we look forward to continue to change peoples lives!!

Carl and Rashia K have lost over a combined 140 lbs!!

I am writing on behalf of my husband Carl who joined your program a little over a year ago. He started off at 330lbs. He was really in very bad shape and I believe was heading for trouble with his health. He had a instant connection with Garrett due to their love if basketball! My husband used to play basketball all through high school, but could no longer due so bc of his excessive weight gain over the years.
We've had 2 more babies(6 kids total) and he had put on some pounds along with me during my pregnancies. Luckily for us all he got super serious with his weight-loss journey. He runs regularly and eats properly(for the most part) and he ACTUALLY GETS TO PLAY BASKETBALL AND PERFORM B-BALL DRILLS with his trainer which we would have never thought was possible. He's tried different things over the years and this time had been the ONLY TIME one has stuck. Thanks to your program he has been able to lose 80-90 lbs. which is PHENOMENAL in a little over 1 year!!!!
I'm so much impressed that I too have joined and I have lost 28 pounds since March. I'm not too fixated on the scale but my measurements have been amazing. I look great in my clothes, I'm down 2 pants sizes, and I have started to lift heavy weights. When I first started, I COULDN'T EVEN LIFT THE BAR!!!!! Everytime I go up with benching/lifting something heavier or accomplish another milestone it makes me feel on top of the world literally! Carl and I look forward to weight training every week. It's successful and brilliant and IT CHANGES PEOPLE'S LIVES.........."

Randy B has put on over 20lbs of muscle at age 57!

"My current trainer is Garrett Schmidt who I have been training with for over five years!! .. Garrett has been so motivating that I have missed very few workouts. I come even when I feel bad and leave feeling great. Goals are set by Garrett and we work hard to obtain them. I really am amazed at the gains I have made. Most importantly though ….I FEEL GREAT!!! I am in the absolute best shape of my life….at age 57."

Alex S has added 20lbs of muscle and increased his strength dramatically!

"I've been training with All in Fitness for about five months now. I have seen tremendous strength gains. I went from being about 140 to now being 160 and I believe most of that is muscle. My bench, squat, and deadlift have all improved greatly. Bench was 180 now it's 250, deadlift was 315 now it's 335, and my squat form has improved greatly so now I can do 315 with perfect form before I was barely bending my knees! My jumping has also improved a lot. My vertical has gone up at least 6 inches. My muscle stamina has also gone up as well I can go longer for higher reps now. All In Fitness is a great company and if you choose to have them train you, you won't be disappointed."

Danni G has toned up and increased her strength and endurance levels tremendously!

"I've been working with All In Fitness for over a year now and I've seen great results. My strength has increased quite a bit and I no longer dread going to the gym. At the beginning I could barely do a push-up and now I am able to do full sets of twenty. Although the number on the scale has not changed significantly, I've gone down in clothing sizes and I am more comfortable with the way I look. I plan on continuing working out with Garrett and would recommend him as a trainer to anyone looking to improve their current level of fitness."

Bonnie S is kicking ass and taking names at age 70!

"I have been working with Garrett and  All In Fitness for over 5 years. They have really helped me maintain my strength and flexibility through knee surgery and some other complications. I always feel energized when I leave the gym and Garrett finds a way to keep our workouts fun yet challenging. Most importantly, Garrett cares about his clients as people and really wants to help people improve their lives! I intend to stay on with All In Fitness as long as possible!"

Jacob Z has lost over 30lbs and has gained much strength and muscle definition!

"Ever since starting with Garrett and All In Fitness I have not been in better shape. With Garretts training I have lost 30 pounds since December. Never felt better then I do now an have never been stronger then I am now. Could not have done it without Garrett and his helpful advice and training. Also with Garrett my bench press has spiked tremendously. I went from barely being able to do 95 to now a max of 215. Could not be more happy with the results!"

Sandy G has increased her strength and energy, doing things she never though age 55!

"I have been working with Garrett and All In Fitness since May of 2016. I have known him for 4 years because my son worked with him first. Garrett is very motivating and encouraging. At first I wanted to give up because I wasn't seeing results right away but he encouraged me to keep going and said I would soon see the benefits. What I like about working with Garrett is that he makes sure my form is correct so I don't get injured, he holds me accountable with the regular appointments, he sets up the proper position and weight for each machine, and he orchestrates a well rounded workout making sure I reach my own goals. I would not accomplish all of that on my own. Lastly, Garrett is sincerely interesting in the success of his clients."
Sandy G.


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